Plan your summer getaway to beautiful beaches


Plan your summer getaway to beautiful beaches  and find the right clothes at Lakeside Collection.

Consider Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sip on your caipirinha, play volleyball and enjoy the beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro.For your Rio de Janeiro getaway opt for a Long Cover-Up Wraps from Lakeside Collection. Lightweight, comfortable and made from breathable materials to keep you cool. Feels so soft you’ll want to wear like a dress. Very flattering with a high and low hem for a sexy look. Go for a wrap color that matches your swimsuit.

Consider  Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue Island, Seychelles. Enjoy a breathtaking scenery, feel the pink sand in your feet and jump from the cliff.

Go for an easy to put on and attention getter dress for your La Digue Island getaway and opt for Floral Print Maxi Dresses from Lakeside Collection. Lightweight dress provides cool relief from hot sunny days. Bright and bold dress will spice up your  look. It won’t lose its color or shrink after washing and drying. A long dress with very  flowy material to flair your body. Dress will look good on all body types and looks best with sandals.

Consider Hidden Beach in  The Marietas Islands, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Enter a water tunnel to  discover the Hidden Beach, go snorkeling and see blue footed boobies.

Feel comfortable in The Marietas Islands  and opt for Sleeveless Lace Tunics from Lakeside Collection. Breathable material provides great ventilation.The fabric is soft and stretchy to move comfortably.  Looks great when layered with tees or tank to  bring out  the pattern of the lace. Great quality tunic in the perfect size and fit. Dress it up with jeans, capri pants  and wedge sandals.

Consider Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. Go on a great paddle ball  experience and enjoy the great lively atmosphere.

Go for an ultra light  and versatile Knit Denim T-Shirt Dress from Lakeside Collection. To others in Tel Aviv it will look like a real  denim dress, but you don’t have to tell  them. In a very relaxed fit to enjoy your day at the Gordon  Beach. Wear as a cover up or as a dress, your choice. If you opt to wear as a dress you can accessorize it with an oversized fashion necklace and bangles.

Consider Bahia Gardner in Española Island, Galapagos. Explore the sandy shore and see wildlife like waved albatross and sea lion.

When the sun goes down and it gets cool opt for Cardigan Wraps from Lakeside Collection. Wrap provides a drapery effect with ¾” sleeves and open front. Versatile and can be worn as a classic shawl by tying the front extensions. Made from soft and comfortable materials. These wraps will hold their shape after washing. True to size, flowy and provide plenty  of room to move. Small enough to  drop on your purse and have it ready. Looks good layered over  tops or dresses.

Enjoy the best beaches around the world with comfortable clothes from Lakeside Collection.